Painting Something New

I am not an artist by any means- in fact, I have never really enjoyed drawing just because what I would create would never quite look like what I had envisioned. However, I decided to test my skills and challenge myself to draw a cute painting I could hang up in my bedroom.

Step 1: I gathered all necessesary materials, which sounds easier than it was since I hadn’t painted in years! Everything was scattered about my house, but ended up finding scraps of different colors to work with. I pulled up the picture on Pinterest that I wanted to create, too, so here it is:

Step 2: I painted the whole canvas white since there were scratches to be covered up.

Step 3: Outlining the sunflower

Step 4: The final product! : )

I love how my sunflower painting turned out and it was so relaxing and fun to make. I highly recommend you find a painting on Pinterest and try to recreate it- good luck!