The “Drivers License” Drama- A Review

Olivia Rodrigo is a seventeen-year-old actor and singer (known for her role as Nini Salazar-Roberts on the Disney+ series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series) who has soared to fame after releasing her song “Driver’s License.” The song is currently the number one song in the world and Billboard charts called it one of the”most dominant number one [songs] in the last thirty years.” Rodrigo’s hit got 76 million streams alone in the first week of its debut.

Much of the success of “Driver’s License” has been contributed to the drama surrounding the song and a love triangle between Olivia Rodrigo, her ex-boyfriend Joshua Bassett, and Sabrina Carpenter (the presumed new girlfriend). Before getting into this, it is important that Olivia Rodrigo gets the recognition she deserves excluding the drama because her song is quite literally, an anthem for Gen Z.

The star of Disney+ series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series has a nostalgic feel to her as millennials worshipped the early 2000s “High School Musical” movie series, including hit songs like “Breaking Free” and “Bet on It.” Olivia Rodrigo’s song is everything that millennials have been craving as the lyrics about teen breakup and heartache seem to be universally relatable and spark the interest of a former generation invested in Disney and the singer, Taylor Swift. In fact, it is Olivia Rodrigo’s songwriter that sets her apart. While she holds a powerful voice, her writing is passionate, soulful, and inspiring. She wrote, “he’s perfect on paper, but he’s lying to my face…. does he think that I’m the kind of girl who needs to be saved?” in her previously released single in 2020, “All I Want.”

In Driver’s License, it is the lyric, “you’re probably with that blonde girl,” that sparked rumors of a Disney love triangle. Olivia Rodrigo and her costar, Joshua Bassett, were believed to have started dating in 2019 while their on screen characters, Nini and Ricky, were also falling in love. However, they broke up in the summer of 2020 it appears as Rodrigo captioned her video on Tik Tok, “you think you can hurt my feelings? I wrote this song,” as she played “All I Want.” She also posted a picture with her friend posed in t-shirts with the words, “dump him.” Immediately after, Joshua Bassett is rumored to have started dating Sabrina Carpenter, a former Disney Channel star in “Girl Meets World” who is now a current pop star. When Rodrigo “Driver’s License” debuted, fans immediately believed the “blonde girl” she mentioned in her song to be Sabrina Carpenter. Since then. Rodrigo’s song has attracted widespread attention

Joshua Bassett responded to Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License,” by posting on his Instagram story that everyone should go stream the song. However, he then released a song called “Lie Lie Lie,” which was apparently written prior to 2020, but yet fans can’t help notice the song’s message about betrayal and deceit, perhaps a jab towards his former costar. Sabrina Carpenter has now released her song, “Skin,” which appears to be a more obvious clapback towards Rodrigo. She sings, “maybe we could’ve been friends if I met you in a different life” and “maybe you didn’t mean it, maybe blonde was the only rhyme” as a reference to Rodrigo’s famous lyric.

Some fans believe Carpenter’s new song is a bit spiteful due to her lyrics “you can try
to get under my, under my, under my skin while he’s on mine,” implying a bit of sarcasm towards Rodrigo when the “Driver’s License” singer had only complimented Carpenter in her song. Now, Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett are rumored to be releasing a song together soon called “We Both Know.” With all this drama, one thing is for sure- these pop stars are making quite a lot of money from this ordeal.

Olivia Rodrigo song, “Driver’s License,” still ranks number one on the charts as of the week of January 24th, 20201. You can stream the song on Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, and more- go check it out!

12 2021 Fashion Trends To Try

  1. Yoga Pants… or Flared Leggings?

That’s right, Emma Chamberlain brought back yoga pants in a singular Instagram post. The old early’s 2000s trend has been revived and this time, teens on social media are calling them “flared leggings.” It is a comfy, casual look for 2021 that you wear when out running errands, getting coffee or lounging around the house.

the iconic Emma Chamberlain post which I sadly can no longer find on her Instagram
that’s me!

2. Corsets

The Netflix show, “Bridgerton,” has caused corsets to sell out everywhere from stores. The fashion trend is a classy, yet sexy look and has everyone feeling as if they too are attending a ball in England during the Victorian era.

3. The “Bracket”

Celebrities have been sporting this trend all over Instagram lately. The classic bralette- normally worn an undergarment-is now being worn as a top underneath cardigans, blazers, trench coats, and other jackets. The look is an unexpected combination of business and intimate wear.

4. Sweater Vests

2021 has everyone feeling preppy. Sweater vests are in and for Spring and Summer, you can simply wear them as a top without any layering. You can also pair sweaters vests over a collared top (also very in style) to exaggerate the look- they are so versatile!

5. Matching Sets

Loungewear has become all the rage since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and matching sets will help you feel put together while staying comfy during quarantine.

6. Cutouts

From open back tops to shoulder and side cutouts, this look is all the rage as it can be styled to be cute or edgy. Cinched cutouts are especially in and you can try this look out while wearing some of the hottest colors of 2021: camel, marigold yellow, sky blue, and hot pink, and neutral tones.

7. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses will be especially popular in Spring and Summer 2021. You can relax by the pool or take a stroll outside in style with a stunning dress that sweeps down to the floor. Pair this with sunglasses and a tan or black wide brimmed hat and you are set.

8. Wide Leg Denim

If you still have skinny jeans, I hate to break it to you but they are no longer in style! Tightly fitted pants are long gone and have been replaced with more loose fitting denim. Go for some wide legged flare jeans or some baggy loose fitted pants in 2021.

9. See- Through

This is a more edgy, funky look to try in 2021. This look is a bit scandalous and is usually styled with a as a bralette underneath a see through mesh, patterned top or by itself for the more brave. Patterns are very in this year and a uniquely designed see-through top is perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone.

10. Exaggerated Sleeves

From puff sleeves to shoulder pads, the more exaggerated the better. This trend will be around for a long time and is predicted to be one of the most popular looks of 2021 as people just can’t get enough go the style.

11. Camel & Neutrals

The color camel along with other neutrals such as peach, light pink, and brown are so in style for 2021! Try out this color and you will surely be a fashionista.

12. Statement Earrings

The more noticeable earrings, the better in 2021. Earrings that are in include one that are geometrical shaped, long and dangly, sparkly, and large in size. No matter if your hair is up or down, these earrings will be a statement.

5 Ways to Know if a Change of Major is Right for You

Choosing a college major can be intimidating- there are so many options and it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Many people do not know what career they want to have in the future, so it can be difficult to choose a subject to focus on. It is completely normal to change your mind about what field of study you want to focus on. In fact, it is actually common for college students to change their major at least once. Here are a few signs that you should change your college major: 

  1. You Cannot Pay Attention in Your Classes to Save Your Life

If you are sitting in core class for your major and find yourself online shopping every two seconds or scrolling through your Pinterest boards, this could be a major sign that your major is not right for you. If you are not enjoying your classes, why are you taking them? If you have no desire to engage during lectures for your major courses then maybe it’s time to look into some other ones.

  1. You Want to Try Something New

Perhaps since the ripe age of six years old, you have always wanted to be a doctor. Maybe you always thought that this was your path, but then when you got to college, you found yourself being interested in other subjects such as journalism or computer science. It’s okay to explore other interests- in fact, it’s better than working toward one thing for so long, only to realize later in life that this is not your passion. It can be rewarding and enjoyable to step out of your comfort zone and explore different subjects and potential careers. 

  1. It Feels Impossible to Succeed in Your Classes 

If you spend countless hours preparing for your classes and your grades are not reflecting your efforts, this may be a sign that you should switch to a different major. It is not worth it to continue to take major courses that you make feel stressed and discouraged more often than not. It’s okay to struggle sometimes, but make sure that the challenges you are facing in these courses are worth overcoming. In the end, it may suit your skills better and give you a breath of fresh air if you try to pick a new path of study. 

  1. You Only Picked Your Major to Make Big $

Some people want to live comfortably enough to buy a Lambo or Prada bag in the future. It makes sense to desire a career in which you can make the money to indulge in these things. If you only picked your major because you thought it could help you land a job where you make some big bank, this may be the reason why you should switch. It is important to have a job that sustains you in life, but it is also important that you love that job. Do not sacrifice your talents and passions for money because in the end, you may not only lose the cash, but you just may rob yourself of being happy in life. 

  1. You’re Just Not Feeling It

Sometimes, you have to listen to your intuition and go with your gut. If your heart is telling you that this major is not right for you, have some faith in yourself and take the leap to trying a new major. You may find that it will be the best decision you ever made in college.

If you make the choice to love what you are learning, you may just find your perfect future career. It is important to soak up the wonderful opportunity to explore courses that interest you. By delving into a subject you are passionate about, you will enjoy the process more and make the most out of your time at college. If you find the signs above relatable, have faith in yourself and don’t be afraid to change your major!