The Start of a Youtube Channel?

Hello everyone!

I am currently drinking some Yes Way Rose wine (now that I’m 21) on my bed and contemplating whether or not I should start a Youtube channel. My biggest task in the next few months is to study for the LSAT. I’m not going to lie, it seems VERY INTIMIDATING. The hardest part is always getting started. This is why I’ve been thinking about starting a Youtube channel to document my journey through studying for the LSAT and potentially going to law school. I thought it would be interesting to take you along to see the highs and lows of this process and to learn more about what life is like when you’re nearing the end of college. Gosh, I can’t even believe college is almost over. Anyways, I would love to hear from you and I can’t wait to share more and document this journey.

Cheers loves,

Emily Quesada

Link to my Youtube Channel