How I Got Recruited to Play Softball in College

The dirt. The cleats. The cheers. The sunflower seeds.

I played softball for 12 years and I still love the sport immensely. I recently played on an intramural co-ed team the last quarter of college to get back into the game. Softball was a huge part of my life and thanks to the sport, I developed so many skills I know I have forever.

When I was a junior in high school, I committed to playing collegiate softball in the Pacific Northwest. At the time, it was my dream and I couldn’t imagine not playing softball competitively. In the end, I didn’t end up signing the contact, but I learned a lot in the process.

Some Tips:

In Southern California, to get recruited you pretty much have to be on a competitive travel team. I competed in showcases, which were tournaments that recruiters were specifically invited to attend and scout for new talent. It also helped in my case to have a coach who was well connected with other college coaches. I had older teammates who committed to schools and it made it easier to have the contact of those teams as well. My travel coach had a strong connection with a collegiate team and I was able to use this contact to create an opportunity for myself.

As well, you can make a recruiting video and send it to multiple college coaches by email so they see your skills. I sent one out and afterwards, some coaches contacted me and some even came to watch me play in games. The coach who ultimately recruited me watched me play in a tournament after I sent my video in. It really opened the door and created even more opportunity to get noticed out on the field.

Beside from that, the least you can do is continue working on your game and becoming more physically fit. If you’re a great player, a coach won’t want to miss out on you! If you’re tall and strong, even better. I was pretty short and if I had wanted to play in a higher division, I would have needed to reallyyy hit the weights back then.

While I did not end up playing softball in college, the recruitment process taught me how to persevere, better handle pressure, and really believe in myself. I miss the game so much, but it turns out the world doesn’t end when you stop playing softball. While it would have been fun to continue playing, I now can experience lots of other opportunities I would not have been able to explore fully if I had continued.

Getting recruited was certainly a process. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to play in college and choose to do so, definitely leave it all out on the field. One day, you may not have the chance to do so as much anymore.