How I Got Recruited to Play Softball in College

The dirt. The cleats. The cheers. The sunflower seeds.

I played softball for 12 years and I still love the sport immensely. I recently played on an intramural co-ed team the last quarter of college to get back into the game. Softball was a huge part of my life and thanks to the sport, I developed so many skills I know I have forever.

When I was a junior in high school, I committed to playing collegiate softball in the Pacific Northwest. At the time, it was my dream and I couldn’t imagine not playing softball competitively. In the end, I didn’t end up signing the contact, but I learned a lot in the process.

Some Tips:

In Southern California, to get recruited you pretty much have to be on a competitive travel team. I competed in showcases, which were tournaments that recruiters were specifically invited to attend and scout for new talent. It also helped in my case to have a coach who was well connected with other college coaches. I had older teammates who committed to schools and it made it easier to have the contact of those teams as well. My travel coach had a strong connection with a collegiate team and I was able to use this contact to create an opportunity for myself.

As well, you can make a recruiting video and send it to multiple college coaches by email so they see your skills. I sent one out and afterwards, some coaches contacted me and some even came to watch me play in games. The coach who ultimately recruited me watched me play in a tournament after I sent my video in. It really opened the door and created even more opportunity to get noticed out on the field.

Beside from that, the least you can do is continue working on your game and becoming more physically fit. If you’re a great player, a coach won’t want to miss out on you! If you’re tall and strong, even better. I was pretty short and if I had wanted to play in a higher division, I would have needed to reallyyy hit the weights back then.

While I did not end up playing softball in college, the recruitment process taught me how to persevere, better handle pressure, and really believe in myself. I miss the game so much, but it turns out the world doesn’t end when you stop playing softball. While it would have been fun to continue playing, I now can experience lots of other opportunities I would not have been able to explore fully if I had continued.

Getting recruited was certainly a process. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to play in college and choose to do so, definitely leave it all out on the field. One day, you may not have the chance to do so as much anymore.

How to Make Money Selling Clothes

As a hobby, I love to sell clothes and contribute to making the fashion industry more sustainable. By all means, I am not perfect- I LOVE to shop at the mall. Like its bad. On resale platforms, however, I feel I am making some change and have since tried to become more sustainable in other aspects of my life (more to come in another post). For now, here’s a simple guide for how to get started on selling your clothes and get that bread.

Step 1: Pick Your Platform

I recommend websites such as Mercari, Poshmark, and Depop. I started selling clothes first on Poshmark. It is simple to upload pictures of your clothes and the app sends you a free shipping label! As for Mercari, I recently started selling clothes on this site, too. Note- you can use multiple platforms!! Mercari is great because you actually get more money than on Poshmark and the app has features to help you price items correctly and sell them. A downside I’ve noticed is that there may be less users on this site. On Depop, the site super popular for teens and young adults if your clothes fit that age group.

My Mercari platform

Step 2: Take Pictures of Your Clothes

All apps, no matter which one, require you to upload your own photos of your clothes that you are selling. It is often pretty simple to do- you can either usually click a camera on the app and take photos from there or click on a “plus” sign to upload pictures from your camera roll (this may vary depending on the app). Make sure to take good pictures that have quality lighting and a solid background that contrasts with your clothes. Here’s my fun tip- I usually put a succulent near my clothes to make pictures more aesthetic!

Step 3: List Your Clothes and Start Selling!

Once you’ve taken all your pictures, make sure to upload them! Then, provide some details about each item such as the size, color, brand, measurements (if needed), fit, and condition. Your customers will appreciate the most detail as possible and it is better to be honest and disclose all imperfections of the clothes so you can have the reputation of an honest and loyal seller. Good luck!!

a look into my Poshmark

Step 4: Check for Comments and Answer Questions

It’s important to look on the platform you are selling on from time to time to check in with how your clothes are selling. People often leave comments/questions about items such as what the length of an in seam on a pair of pants are, how tall you are, or if you could possibly post more pictures to share a few common ones I receive. You want to respond as quickly as you can as time is money. Also, your customers will appreciate you being super helpful and may want to buy from you again or give you a good rating, which will help you sell more in the future.

Step 5: Be Realistic

It’s important to have patience while selling clothes and know that sometimes, not everything is going to be bought. You ay simply have some clothes that nobody on the platform needs at the moment or maybe it is currently out of style. It is best to let things sit for awhile and if they don’t sell in perhaps a year even for a super low price, it is time to get rid of them. I recommend dropping these clothes off to a thrift store like Goodwill so that someone can still use them. If someone buys your clothes, try to ship them as soon as possible and maybe even include a handwritten note from you in the package. Anyways, good luck and have fun selling!!

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What To Do During Your Self-Quarantine

Hello all! I haven’t posted in a while but considering the state of our world right now, it has inspired me to document events and moreover, find new ways to express myself in this free time.

As of now, the coronavirus has affected over 300,00 people, with almost 11,400 deaths worldwide. Living in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday, March 19th ordered a statewide lockdown so most of my friends, including myself, are currently self-quarantining at our homes. I have followed the news since the virus existed only in Wuhan, China and it is surreal that COVID-19 is now personally affecting people close to me in my life. I know many high schools seniors who now will never experience prom, college freshman whose dorm experience they will never get back, seniors who feel robbed of their graduation, and athletes whose sports seasons have been stolen from them.

More than that, it is distressing to watch the whole world struggle at once and I find it so important that we, as a population, work together to stop this virus from spreading. We must have empathy for others during this grave time and realize these are people’s loved ones being affected, whether it is a loss in finances, health, and/or happiness. It easy to think it won’t affect you as well and maybe it won’t, but it is the least you can do for the world to stay inside for some time (and don’t hog all the toilet paper).

With that being said, I have created a fun list of what to do during your self- quarantine. Keep spreading positivity and don’t forget that your happiness IS a priority!!

Pick Up a New Hobby

Some new hobbies to try: painting, scrapbooking, playing guitar/piano/another instrument, creating a website, DIY, cooking, baking, investing, reading, learning languages, meditating, sewing, updating your social media & job sites, listening to podcasts, discovering new music & making new playlists

Spend Time with Family (& FaceTime Your Friends)

While this one for many may be a challenge, if you are lucky to have a family that is there for you, it is important you spend some time with them (including your pets). You can play some board games, watch movies together, play video games, make Tik Toks (yes, I said it), help complete chores around the house, ask them about their life story, take your dog for a walk, workout together, and just try to be nice & helpful during this difficult time. It is also good to stay in touch with friends and your SO (if you have one) over FaceTime to remain close and connected. This will help you feel less alone and isolated and put a smile on your face! : )

Catch Up on Netflix

Alright for anyone looking for some good Netflix shows to watch, I have an earlier blog post where I talked about all my favorites! There are countless of amazing movies, documentaries, and TV series and honestly this is such a good way to entertain yourself and escape reality when you’re bored out of your mind. When your binge watching, you can also mix it up with some healthy snacks ; )

Support Your Local  Businesses

If your local businesses are still open, it is important you stop by and help support them. You can order takeout from your local family run pizza place, buy a drink at Starbucks, buy some donuts from the place across the street, purchase some clothing at the nearest boutique, grab some Taco Bell, etc. The economy is entering into a recession and many people are losing their jobs and it is the least you can do to purchase some small items at places near you (but of course, stay safe and practice social distancing)

Get Fit

Who else is going to come out of this quarantine super fit?? That’s right, you are! Take advantage of beautiful hikes in your area, go for a run in your neighborhood or on the treadmill at home, lift some weights in your room, discover new workout on YouTube and Tik Tok, do some Just Dance, workout over FaceTime with your friends, and continue to drinks lots of water & eat healthy. Find a balance between watching Netflix and staying fit (you can even do both at the same time), keep your immunity up, and stay healthy!


Lastly, write about your quarantine experience. Document the days because COVID-19 will be history one day. This is a surreal time for the world and to be apart of it is an astounding experience that you might as well write about when you have nothing else to do. You can even just write about your life in general at the moment. Make sure you set aside time to assess your feelings and reflect upon this national crisis, because it can be very overwhelming and stressful. Practice self love and ensure your own happiness.

One more thing- WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!

Love you all,

stay safe 



The Completely Non-Subjective List of Best TV Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix This Year…

Here’s a list of the top shows that are hands down worth the watch on Netflix this year:

1. Grey’s Anatomy: It really can’t get better than watching a show where its life or death in every episode. This shows pulls at your heart strings and takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, but it’s overall worth the long ride. The characters are so real and portray common struggles that many can relate to such as losing a loved one, battling exhaustion, personal insecurities, the LGBT community, poor mental health, etc. The stories of the patients treated in Seattle Gray’s Hospital puts life in a whole new perspective and reveals the strength humans have for one another under the hardest circumstances.

2. Gossip Girl: Great Gatsby at its finest! This show is a classic- are you Serena… or are you Blair? Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf SHINES portraying the flaws and layers of emotion that make her someone people can easily relate to. This show teaches that looks aren’t everything and underneath all the wealth is a bigger picture  that tends to not be as happy and care free as its original image.

3. Stranger Things: This show is AMAZINGGG. It has this unique, sci-fi vibe to it (who doesn’t love the theme song??) and because of this, it stands out from other hit shows. The time being set in the 80’s makes the sets more interesting and the character’s clothing is to DIE FOR. The young actors are super talented  and loveable and each episode never fails to catch them uncovering a new secret about the Upside Down World.

4. Gilmore Girls: Love is the main factor of this show and its story is played out beautiful by none better than the Lorelai-Rory relationship. It is beautiful to see a community that cares about each other love one another even through the hardest times. Rory’s ambition is inspirational to watch and this show motivates you to become a more ambitious and caring individual. Also, I can’t say no to a show where coffee is almost a character in itself!

5.  Thirteen Reasons Why: This show brings so many valuable lessons to the table. It spreads the message that people need to show more compassion and kindness towards one another. People need to try and understand a person before they make assumptions and girls need to be respected instead of shamed. It depicts struggles that many teenagers face and is a valuable guide to adults (since most simply don’t understand) and teens to become more aware of people’s emotions and how your behavior effects others.

6. The Office: Lets be real, this show is more of a culture than a TV Show. There’s the inside jokes, the reactions of the characters, the scrappy camera angles, amazing acting, and overall the perfect sense of humor that brings this show to life. It is truly unique and can be enjoyed by all ages (its okay if the kids don’t get the jokes) and never fails to be entertaining.

7. Riverdale:  This show is far fetched at times but it never disappoints. The mysteries that lie within the town are never ending and every episode unlocks a new piece to the puzzle. The characters exempt bravery and are strong-willed with every action they take. The high school setting also adds drama as everything is heightened by the community of teens that surround the main characters and also makes the show more relatable at times.

8. 90210: This show  presents so many bold lessons to its viewers despite it being based off a show in the 90s. It features strong characters who struggle with  bipolar disorder, teen pregnancy and abortion, drug abuse, drunk driving, rape, coming out as gay,  etc. You name it and 90210 has effortlessly demonstrated how people can face any challenge and must always stay true to who they are while following their dreams.

9. Law & Order SUV: Justice is served and wrapped up in a bow by the end of every episode! It is fascinating to see the behind the scenes of  these notorious attorney hard at work to uncover the truth. Morality is met head on with crime in punishment in this thriller of entertainment.

10. Girl Meets World: I gotta admit that I was worried for Disney Channel once “Good Luck Charlie” finished airing, but the channel hit it big with this one. It such a strong representation of friendship and the struggles teenagers go through with trying to figure out who they are and what they mean to others. It deserved a fourth season. Period.

11. Scandal: There is never a moment in this series that is not a shock factor. The characters are well developed and plot lines never fall flat. It is never a disappointment and is a show you can always return to and never get bored of.

12. On My Block: Every episode there is a plot twist and ends leaving you on the biggest cliffhanger. It’s interesting to see the incredible bonds a group of teenagers in the show share and it is inspiring to see how they care for each other and watch out for each in the dangerous streets of their neighborhood in LA.

13. Supernatural: This show has an amazing playlist that keeps everyone feeling uneasy about what will happen next. The script is dark, but is always lightened up at the perfect moment by puns! It also happens to feature some of the most attractive people surrounded by  supernatural forces- need I say more?

14. Dear White People: This show is witty and well humored with fun characters who bring quality entertainment to the table. It sheds light on several social issues in today’s society. involving racism and the stereotypes that surround blacks. It incorporates the struggle of black lives and allows white people to understand the extent of their privilege. It spreads the message that we must all overcome bigotry and love one another no matter what skin color, because at the end of the day we are all human and equal beings.

15. Atypical: This show allows people to understand what kids with autism may be going through. It teachers viewers to have compassion and opens their eyes to what a life with a disability would look like. It’s funny, charming, and eventful.


Summer Bucket List for the Bored and Unmotivated

Yesss its officially the long awaited time of the year-SUMMER! I am so pumped to have more time in my life to spend however I wish. Here in Southern California, the June gloom is just wearing off and the heat has come in full force. It’s temping to stay inside and chill while watching Netflix all day, but I for one know that gets old after awhile. Here’s a bucket list for your summer of 2017 that can free you from boredom and make the break one to remember…

  • Find a summer job and make $$$: For me, this was an obvious because I have a tendency to want to do a lot of things, but end up not having enough to spend. To really have fun this summer and go out a lot, it’s time to learn how to be independent and support yourself while realizing that everything has a price.
  • Explore your local area: There’s going to come a time where you will leave your community and go off on your own to figure out your life one day. For some people like, after graduating high school, we will not be living in the same city that we grew up in. Make it a priority to go out at least once a week and visit a hidden gem in your city you may have never seen. You could also do all the fun touristy things and be surprised at how little you actually know about the place you have live in for years.



  • Actually read all the books you sparknoted throughout the school year: This may blow your mind, but your teacher didn’t just randomly assign you to read all those books in one year. She or he saw lesson or morals in the novel that were worth teaching a perhaps, even life changing to high school students. There’s always that one or maybe few books that you couldn’t get through to save your life (for me it was Grapes of Wrath) but maybe, just maybe, you could read the other novels and gain some important insight and (this may sound crazy) even enjoy them!IMG_0077


  • Create a workout regimen: Monday= leg day,  Wednesday= abs, Friday= arms, etc. If you make a workout plan, you may feel more motivated to get yourself up and go to the gym or pick up those weights at home. Exercise is a great way to start the day and give you energy for other activities. Not to mention, summer is the perfect time to work on toning your body and getting the abs you’ve always desired. I would start slow and not set unrealistic goals, but hey, a little exercise goes a long way. Get those gains!
  • Find a new hobby: Summer is the best time to experiment and find out more about your passions and talents. This is the best time to finally pick up something that has interested you, whether it’s a sport, instrument, or finding recipes to cook something new! The possibilities are endless.



  • Have “me” days:  Sometimes it’s best to be selfish and have days dedicated only to you. Make sure to schedule where you can relax and focus on discovering more about yourself and who you are as a person. It’s important to be alone with your thoughts and it’s nice to experience some downtime while you can.
  • Spend time outside: Be one with nature this summer and go on a hike! Travel the world to experience other cultures or even take a trip to a hidden gem in your local area. Go on a roadtrip with your friends and feel the freedom of the outdoors. The world has so much to offer and every destination is worth the journey.



  • Spend time with people who make you happy: Have a family night or take a trip with your closest friends. It’s important to spend time with the people you truly love and celebrate those who have had such an immense impact on your life. Time is never wasted when spent building unbreakable bonds with others and making memories that will last a lifetime with people you hold so close to your heart.