Handling Loss & Moving On

I think sometimes I believe in the power of words too much. I believe they can create change and by laying your heart all on the line it just might make a difference. I never thought letting go would be so difficult, but here I am. The only action which can be taken for everyone experiencing loss is to move forward. I am still here and am now making myself happy each day, for me. If you have ever lost something or someone special to you, I relate and so do many others. I think it is all apart of the human experience and in the end, makes us stronger.

For now, I am making a new series where I set a goal each day to do something that makes me happy. Some ideas I have are going on a walk, getting a coffee, or simply cooking up some good food. I’m going to document completing this for about a month so I can look back on it and realize I can be happy with a loss as I have the rest of the world in front of me. There is always so much to expand upon in life and for that I am grateful! I hope this helps someone and feel free to try this series out with me as well. Treat yourself as you are enough and deserve so much : )